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I am not going to sound very helpful but I do not think that one week is long enough to see if you and the dog are suited.
When I have adopted mine from Rescues it takes at least a month until they start to feel settled and start showing their personality.
I would guess that your girl is feeling very stressed and confused at the moment and needs time to settle and chill in her new surroundings.

You say that you are going back to work next week,does this mean that the dog will be left on her own all day?

Re the house training you do need to take her out frequently and if she goes give her lots of praise and maybe a treat.
Try and teach her a cue word to go,like hurry up and be a good girl or something similar.

I guess that in an apartment you do not have a garden to use,so try and find some grass that another dog might have peed on then she might be encouraged to mark on it.
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