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I have no idea how I managed to post the original pic of Ruby on my last topic, but can't seem to do it again. I will just keep working on it. Ok So Paisley has two sleeps now. The previous owner said she gets crated at night so I am doing the same while Ruby always has slept under the covers with me. Paisley is a super early riser and after I let her out of the crate she heads for my bedroom to rouse Ruby but met with a growl. Ruby always has slept in cus I work evening shift. The first night Paisley has this high pitch squeely whine. I just closed my bedroom door after failing to reassure her.

Ruby played litterly the whole after noon with P until finally she gave out a freindly snarl. They finally ended up lying beside each other on the lawn. I went to the Vet because he has gentle leaders. I mentioned to the Vet fellow I had got a new Basset and he looked out the window at the girls in the car. The remark was oh she has a beagle head and a basset body, she will be wanting to eat lots. I was going to bring Paisley in for him to see her (friendly basis only). He said bring her into the examining room, I said no that's not what I was here for, and he walked away. Hells, bells I have spent thousands on Ruby there and that is all he had to say. All about the buck. I weighed her myself and Paisley is 45lbs. I though she was way heavier than Ruby who is 39lbs.

A fellow is coming to measure the rooms throughout my mobile home for laminate, and rip up the carpets. I notice on my back door that there was a previous doggy door boarded up. Paisley is great for telling me she needs out. I talk alot sorry about that. Just needing to share my first inital days with Paisley. I felt sad thinking yesterday for the previous owners kids. I just remember his little 8yrs old girl, turning her head away and crying. Because the parents are separating the kids lose not only the father but the family pet as well.
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