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New Collars and Tags ...2 Great Websites

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After our little scare this morning, I was made aware that our tags were a bit banged up and hard to read. I found the websites below and ordered embroidered collars with an extra tag to have more phone numbers to locate me.

This is the extra tag I ordered ...

To slide onto this collar ... I got the third one down ...the one with a regular buckle ...

This way I will be able to have my home and cell phone numbers on them at all times.
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If Go-Tags doesn't work out (I have ordered from them in the past with no probelms), you might try this place:

I especially like their slip on tags for the quick-clip collars

Instead of my dog's names, I have their AVID chip numbers engraved on their ID tags. Also, since my dogs would most "probably" get lost while we're on the road for training or shows/trials, I have my cell-phone number engraved instead of my home phone.
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