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New Basset Owner

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Hi Friends!

I am new to the site (and to the breed!) and thought I would introduce myself and ask a question or two of you seasoned basset owners :)

My fiance and I adopted Watson, a 10-month old basset hound, about a month ago. He has brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. Of course, there have been frustrating moments, as with any puppy, but for the most part he is an angel. (We got new carpet installed after a flood in our house, and about 48 hours later he had eaten/dug/tore a giant hole in it...) Y'all have really helped me understand some of his habits and personality traits, and I really appreciate all the wisdom that circulates this forum!

So I have a few (probably basic) basset hound care questions. What kind of ear drops/cleaning solution do you recommend for bassets? Also, do you have your bassets on any sort of supplements or vitamins (ie, for bone or joint health, etc)? We want to make sure our little guy is as healthy as possible, but we don't want to do anything unnecessary, either.

Again, the wisdom, advice and anecdotes on this forum have really helped me in this first month with Watson. Bassets certainly are a unique breed, arent they? :) :)
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Hi Watson Boy... since 30 people have looked at your message and haven't replied, I thought I'd say hello and welcome to you and Watson :) I use Otoclean for my Bassets' ears.

I make sure after cleaning and wiping any 'dirty' bits away, that I dry their ears as carefully as I can with cotton wool balls or pads because their ears can get warm and moist that would encourage bacteria to multiply.

I also put a small amount of Thornit* powder into my dogs' ears about once every fortnight and it seems to help prevent ear infections. I get both online and the ear drops are much cheaper than at the vets (mine charge at least 3x the cost for creams, drops etc that can be bought online)! Google the names and you'll see where's best for you to buy it if you want to try what I use.

I sometimes squeeze a capsule of cod liver oil onto their food but I don't know what others do!

Thornit* powder: 20g size last ages as you need only a small amount each time (on the end of a teaspoon handle):

"Thornit Ear Powder is an old-fashioned canker powder and the best remedy ever for dirty and smelly ears, and ear mite problems, in dogs, cats and small animals. Itchy ears are usually caused by an ear mite which also creates blobs of wax that can be seen in the ear. These blobs can also weep and smell.

Simply sprinkle a small amount of Thornit Ear Powder onto the inside of the ear surface NOT the ear hole, and massage in. Once the wax starts to move, stop the application."

Read the reviews on the above link. Thornit powder definitely keeps my dogs' ears healthy and clean smelling.
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