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Hi all,

I'm a new basset owner and new to the website. And looking for all the helpful info I can get.

I got Flash, my baby basset, a couple of months ago and he's doing great. Vet says he looks good and healthy. He's approximately 4 months old now and getting to be a big boy with a very big bark! *G*

He loves going outside to play with my Husky and they wrestle and chase each other. What fun! His other favorite pastime is barking at my 2 cats. They don't want anything to do with him, but Flash wants to play with them.

However, Flash still has some accidents in the house and I can't figure it out. For example, last night he went out for approximately 30 minutes, I brought him in and within 10 minutes he had peed on the floor. I wonder if he gets so busy playing that he forgets to go pee sometimes. But at night (he is crated at night) when he has to go out he will whine and when I get up and take him out, he goes pee right away. ???? Any ideas?? Any suggestions???

I generally give Flash a bath weekly to keep the hound odor down. Baths are not his favorite thing, but he tolerates them. I have noticed that several days after his bath he seems to have some dandruff or maybe dry skin. I rinse him well to get all the shampoo out, so I know it's not that. Any suggestions for a good shampoo???

Well that's all I can think of right now. Like I said any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(mom of Flash)
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