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New Basset Owner... Needs Advice

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Hello beautiful ppl,

I will be the proud owner of a 11 month old female Basset tomorrow. We have decided to name her Frida. I wanted some tips from you experienced pet owners about what are the first things we should and shouldn't do right after we get her home :)

Thanks and Cheers!
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1. dont assume she is housetrained despite what others may tell you. being housetrained in one house most often does not translate to another.

2. think about how ypu want the dog to interact in your home dog on furniture or not , sdleep in/on bed or not and set clear and consistent rules from the start.

3. Baseet in general but especial young females are very active and need more mental an physical stimulation than most people realize. many destrutuce problems and other can be resolved by providing constructive outlets, keep in mind while a what is the most recommend exercise physical activity recommended for the average dog a walk at a human pace really is not much exercise regardless of the length. and this is even more so a a bassets sniffy pace but sniffing does proved for mental stimulation

4. Single bassets are more prone to seperation anxiety than other breeds given their social nature. any major upheavel like the move to a new household tend to increase the odds as well. while it is understandable to dote on the dog the first few day on arrival it can be counter productive in regards to seperation anxiety read the link below and set up a plan to carrry out the techniques use to prevent it

Seperation Anxiety
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thank you so very much! that was very helpful :)
Congratulation on your new baby!!! I’d also add – never let your basset out off leash. If you have a fenced yard make sure there is no way out. Always keep in mind they are scent hounds and will be off and away not even realizing they are gone. And if they are in chase of something they can run a LOT faster than you would think. People are always surprised when mine are on chase after a rabbit how fast they can move.

You didn’t mention if you were going to crate train yours. If you are, I’ve seen some good info on here regarding that. I used the crate for both of mine only when we went to bed or had to leave them alone until I knew they couldn’t hurt themselves, each other or destroy my house. Each dog is different on how long that will take.

Congratulation again – best of luck to you and please share some photos when you get her.

I agree---never let your basset off the leash! I only have a partially fenced in backyard as it is three levels with stairs. When Millie was 2-3 months old she was fine off leash with us in the yard. That has changed. She is immediately on her way out and on a trail now. Now she is always leashed or on a runner.

Be prepared for the basset hound smells! ;)

Best of luck to you.
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