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New Basset Owner - Hi!

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:D Hello everyone!

Today we became a proud owner of a Basset Hound. We've (hubby, 8 mos old baby, and I) been going to the local shelters for a month, and we finally found a dog that was compatible with us.

We never had a Basset in mind until we saw one. She was less than a year old and had been at the shelter for a few days when we decided to learn more about the breed. That weekend I decided to read a bit about the breed. I fell in love with it.

That monday we went back to the shelter and to our luck, she had just been adopted. Oh, I had already made up an acct on here because I was sure she would still be there. Grrr! I was upset...very dissapointed.

We kept going back to that shelter and another one. Found other dogs we thought would be great for baby, but nope. No compatability. Only because of the baby.

I think last Monday, we went back. We found another Basset! I could not believe it!! My hopes got high again! She seemed very nice and sweet towards me and baby through the kennel, so right away we asked about her. Since she had to be there a week to find out if her owners claimed her, we couldn't interact with her. So, we got on the list. We were second. We had the appt to interact with her at 11am last Friday and I had to call after 1030am that day to find out if the first hold took her.

From 1030 to 1045 I kept calling and calling. No answer. I left a message too. My husband was out of town so I had to load the baby, our current dog (Jack Russell) with his kennel and myself in the car. I called again on the way answer! (Oh, between Monday and Friday I kept going to the other shelter to find another dog just in case the Basset wasn't available. Cause I just knew she was going to be taken. Still nothing.) So I get to the shelter. I told them that I've been trying to call to see if the Basset was still there, and to my surprise, she was!!! Oh my gosh, I got so happy! But, then they said that they had to do a safe test first, and that was going to take days, since the shelter was understaffed. So, they said they would call me as soon as the results were in.

So, today they called me to let me know that she did great. So, I took hubby, baby, dog and myself to the shelter again. The interaction went perfect!! The dogs got along great, and she let the baby pet her. You see, our Jack does not care about the baby. He does not acknowledge her. The baby falls apart when the dog gets near her, and she wants to pet him, so, besides getting the Jack a companion, we wanted a dog for the baby. And we finally found one that was compatible for everyone. I think it was meant to be!

We brought her home today and the dogs played for a while. Most of all, she wanted to be loved. I think we are going to name her Willemina. Mina for short. Oh, she's 2 years old, so she's still a young one.

Hope to learn more about the breed so I can give Mina the best.


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Congratulations. Lots to learn and this site has been a tremendous help. Try to post a picture soon!
congratulations! dont be shy and ask questions on here if you have any worries or need advise!

look forward to seeing some pictures. our basset 'snoops' is two years old too - still very much like a puppy sometimes!

Oh you are in for fun times :lol: Just be patient will have your hands full with a baby, a Jack AND a two year old Basset. But you will love the breed.

Let us know when we can help with advice, etc. I adopted an 11 month old and this forum was the best thing that happened to me. Besides my Basset!


Congratulations! I love her name- we have a dachshund named Minna! :p !
Congratulations!!! I hope you love your hound as much as I love mine. They are an incredible and amazing breed!


I hope eveyrone is getting settled in and getting to know each other. Have lots of fun with her.
Thank you for the welcome everyone!

The first night went well. Took Madagascar out first to the backyard this morning, then Mina. I had to walk her to the potty area to do her stuff because she would not leave my side lol I have to put wipies right by the back door so that I can wipe her ears off first thing as she comes back in.

Yep, I have my hands full with all three, but thank goodness my husband is helping. Otherwise we wouldn't have gotten the dog. I like being busy anyway. Makes my days go faster. I'm a stay at home mom, so I always need things to do lol

Here's a picture of her:

Thanks again everyone. I'll be back later to ask some questions!

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What a lucky little sweetie! Congratulations. Colleen
One word: ADORABLE! I'm so glad that you are able to give her a forever home (and I'm sure she is too). She will repay you with endless amount of love. There's nothing like a Basset. Have fun!

Thank you! She is adorable. Let me tell you guys, I still have to get used to the affection. The Jack Russell has never been this affectionate, so it's all new for us lol

Well, the Jack and Mina are fighting a lot since yesterday morning. When he gets close to her bed, she gets angry. When she's being pet by me, and the Jack gets close, she growls. Is that normal for now?

What I'm really glad about is that they are not biting each other. They just get on each other. It sounds scary.

Something we really laugh about is the difference of barking between these two dogs. Mina's is a low deep bark. Madagascar's is high pitched lol

Anyway, is it normal for them to be fighting in the beginning?

Thanks everyone!
Not only is she seriously cute, but she looks so happy!! She obviously knows she's in the jackpot in furever homes.

I have a multi=dog house and often when a new 4-legger comes in it takes a while for them to straighten out the pecking order. As long as bloodshed doesn't erupt I let them handle it by themselves. I would watch them for a while just to make sure no serious problems arise.

Have lots of fun with all of them.
Alright, good. When they are both in the backyard they are best of buddies, no fights, no growls. It's only inside when they get mad at each other lol

What a cute smiling basset! Glad you got her.

Sounds like your Jack Russell is a bit jealous? I don't have any experiences with that breed of dog other than what I have heard from friends who have them; that they 'can' be viscious and need a lot of training.

Basset tho need training too but they're so eager to please. Stubborn as mules but lovable.

Janice and little Ruby
It's actually her that starts everything LOL

She seems like the jealous one. In fact, when we're all walking together, and she sees that Mad's walking close to me, she makes sure to let him know that he can't. And it's always around me....great!

I hope this goes away soon because I have to put them away whenever baby takes a nap, and at night.
Best of luck to you with your new Basset - she's a cutie and has some really nice shiny teeth! :D
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