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I have tried to read as many Basset books that I could get my hands on, but I want FIRST HAND EXPIERIENCE!!![/b]
You did your research, that's a GREAT start. I don't know the first thing about English Mastiffs, but it's also good to know you have had prior dog experience, that should help too. Just keep in mind that Bassets have a lot of breed-specific traits, particularly Stubborness!

In addition to reading all the books I could, I also spent a lot of time just reading Cyberhound and another message board before I got my first hound, and have never really stopped. Many times you can find info you need in threads that are already there, or you can ask for advice as specific issues come up.

I got both of my hounds as adult rescues, so I can't help too much with the housetraining, but I do know with anything they need to learn, you must have a lot of patience!!!
Mine were both housebroken, but the stress of changing households made them temporarily "forget" their proper potty habits. I praised them to high heaven when they did their business outside, and good habits came back pretty quickly.

I'm sure others will have plenty more to say.
Let us know when you get the little guy and learn to post pictures! :) Everyone here loves hound pics, and we pretty much go nuts for puppy pictures!
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