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Hi! My Bassett is only 5 months old, so we're kinda new at this too. But I find lots and lots of positive reinforcement is the best route. I'm pretty sure my neighbors think I'm a crazy woman, but when Daisy does something good (especially bathroom stuff) we hug, kiss, coo.........etc. And always scrouched down to her level. We also have a good system set up for when she goes potty outside....small treats for peeing and bigger treats for pooping. She's been doing really well with potty training. We've only had her for 6 weeks and she definitely wasn't trained when we got her. She'll actually whine at the door now to go out. The only other advice I have is to love him lots, cuddle him lots, and spoil him LOTS! Congratulations on the new guy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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