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We weren't able to take Worm for formal training until he was 7 months old, due to the holidays, and needing to wait until we had a chunk of time when we could reliably attend class every week.

Tho agree w/below that "training" is always happening. by that time, he was housebroken and using the bell. "Training" can be a fast process, too-- in our evening playgroup, there's a woman who got Worm to "crawl" commando style (i never knew how to teach a dog to do that) within 10 minutes...! using food treat as reward...

Good luck w/training and keep us posted!

re: stinking-- could it be the horrible anal gland smell? (smells like fish...) or maybe it is the 'hound' smell, which i'm still not sure what that is... we did not have smell problems w/Worm except the occasional anal gland leak/expulsion...
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