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I am so glad to have found this site. I recently got a basset hound puppy named Woodrow. He is 11 weeks old today, and is too adorable. I am having a great time with him, but do have a few questions. The one that has been bothering me the most is about his ears. Everytime he eats and drinks, his ears of course drag in his dish. I am always worried that having the tips of his ears wet will make him cold. It might sound silly, but I worry about it. Do they have alot of nerves, etc. at the bottom of their ears that would make him cold? Thanks for any answers!

Again, I am so thankful to be here, and I'm sure I will be posting lots more questions in the future.
Attached is a picture of Woodrow and I on Thanksgiving Day.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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