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New baby (you may be surprised)

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Here are a few pictures of Buddy with Tobias aka Toby the lop, who I picked up this weekend. We have another rabbit called Clover, so this new addition is really not a problem. Both boys are very good, however Noonie will typically get up and move if one invades his space. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Look like they are related -
same ears! :lol:

Funny pics!
Aww so cute!!! Thanks for sharing.

Teufel says, No way am I chasing them bunnies like my daddy wants me to. I will stick with bringing back hamburger wrappers, leaves, and pine cones.
LOL! Mine would be chasing... not catching... but chasing :)
Oh boy, the myth isn't true at all that a hound and a wabbit will never be friends. Perhaps like Steinar said because they have same ears??? :lol:

Really cute pictures.
Until last week Tuesday, our son had a pet rat Hershey. He died a sudden death at the young age of 1 last week...that was a HUGE trauma in our house. We had the funeral and all, and of course about a day of tears.
Anyway, our dogs loved Hershey. Our Lab would sniff and sniff him and just wag her tail. Molly let him crawl all over her. Of course we were always RIGHT there in case they decided to taste him.
love the pictures of the bunny!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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