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We had to introduce Bruno to Herc when we got our houndie. And then Dawkins/Little Man...And now Cali and Trotter (2 of our cats are named after Eagles players..LOL...) Bruno does fine until he tries to play kitty soccer with them...Last night he had two kittens attached to the side of his face. We keep the smaller two kittens upstairs in the bedroom with a litter box and their own food. Hercules and Dawkins still wont play with the new babies that we got, they just run away from them. But we just keep Bruno on a leash while the babies are downstairs because if something gets too rough Bruno can run faster than me so its hard to catch him if something happens. The leash helps to be able to make sure you have more control over the situation. The kittens wont be afraid to use their claws to let the dogs know that they arent happy. We give the kittens a bath with baby shampoo like Johnsons and JOhnsons, so that way they will be picking up the smell of your house and it wont freak out the dogs because sometimes they will get rough if they smell something foreign to them. In our case its a barn smell so Bruno was kinda going crazy over the horse, cow and duck smells on them...Once they were washed it was easier to keep him calmed down. I would make sure also that your furniture isnt up against the walls. Try and pull it out enough that the cats can get behind it but the dogs cant. I wouldnt block off the ends because some cats need a hiding spot so under chairs and stuff is where they will hide and still be able to see whats going on around them. Our cats use the recliner we have. OTher than that it is going to come down to them just getting bigger and being able to boss around the dogs. Our older cat is the boss of everyone in the house (including the humans) Bruno runs when he sees Herc sittin on the entertainment stand because he knows that thats when Hercules will dive bomb him to play kitty soccer....*I still dont know how a cat can like to the kicked around on the floor by a dog..It baffles me* Good luck and just take it day by day and relax...Cats and dogs get along better than you think!!! Well atleast coexist together on the cats terms..LOL
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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