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Neutering Your Bassett

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Does anybody know the pros and cons to neutering a bassett hound. My boyfriend and I a trying to decide if getting it done is a good things or if it does not have to be done..
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I am a big fan of spaying/neutering your pets. While it is true that you dog will never bring home puppies, you have to consider that if you decide not to neuter him, he will always have the urge to mate: any and every female in heat will tempt him. He will possibly run away to get to a female, and bassets DO NOT find their way home. Neutering your dog will make him a less stressed, calmer, and more relaxed and loving pet. Please do neuter him. It is an easy surgery, little recovery time, and will be SO good for him in the long run!
Benefits of Neutering

Reduces the distracting and destructive behavior associated with the male's efforts to get out and find a mate

Reduces the urge to roam. This makes it less likely that you will lose your pet, which in turn makes your pet less likely to contract a disease, get in a fight, get injured, or become a victim to cruelty, poison, or traffic.

Eliminates sexual discomfort, distress, or distraction ... making your pet happier and more content.

Eliminates testicular tumors and reduces prostate gland problems.

In cats, neutering stops or reduces marking behavior (territorial spraying of urine).

Reduces the urge to fight.

Here are some links to additional discussions of neutering.

To Have or Not to Have Testicles
Health Benefits of Spaying and Neutering
Advantages of Spaying and Neutering
Spay and Neuter Health Benefits
Although I have not yet had my weim neutered yet, (only from lack of time) I will do so soon. I have seen the first hand effects of not having a male neutered. We once had a blue heeler who escaped from our fenced yard (actually climbed the fence)and got hit by a car trying to get to a female accross the street. He did survive after surgery but it made me so sick to think how he would do ANYTHING to get to the female in heat.

That said, I will now schedule Blade to be taken in for surgery! It is so important

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I also have been postponing the neutering app't. I bought Stryker to be my first potential conformation dog only to wind up with a Lab with elbow dysplaysia. I'm calling the vet today to schedule an app't. Thanks for the reminder. Belinda.
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i don't neuter at all,one is i can't because of AKC Field Trial Rules and two i think all the reasons that are given are far from the truth.( JMO ) we have never had any of the problems that you will see people talking about here.the only thing they do is scent mark,which all dogs do male or female if they are fixed or's just a money maker for the Vets.
Yeah, well my vet made WAY more money off the surgery after my dog was hit by the car trying to get to the female than it would have cost me to get him neutered. He had NEVER ever tried to get out from the fence before this.
Sorry, Billy! Gotta go the other way with this one. I have a big problem with the whole non- altering field trial thing. You know how I feel. Pisse's me off big time. Hate to neuter the big boy though, he's gorgeous! See ya! Belinda.
i'm not looking for your support,it does not effect hunting ability one bit if thats what a person chooses to do to there some cases it has to be done( poor stryker ),but if it doesn't have to why bother.Lisa i'm not looking to get into a whole cause and effect debate,but where was the owner of the bitch that was in "heat"? was this dog in a yard that was fenced? why or was a bitch in heat left unattended by it's owner? was the dog running on it's own? had something here go on with my beagle and my neighbor's dobermans the female came in season and i told him so, my beagle couldn't get over the fence,but was trying to do it thru the fence ( the beagle luckly was not a porn star or this could have been trouble ).Duke was confined to his kennel and not allowed out for the week until she was out of heat,my dog get's punished while his two still ran in their yard,Fair huh! Now this dog in season had pups a few days ago,sired by a son from her previous litter who was going to be neutered,but they never got around to do it.should have been done asap the dog had a testicle that did not drop,but still worked!! 9 pups born 8 died.why? i told the owner to keep them apart!! he didn't think they would breed because they were mother and son!! who should be fixed here the owner or the dogs? bottom line is it's a persons job to make sure of their pets health and well being.spaying and neutering will not stop any dog from being a dog!
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Not to stir things up but... please if you neuter or spay look into how your vet handles the procedure and follow up. Our beloved basset Willie died this summer being neutered. He was in perfect health. He died during recovery after being extubated. The vet says these things happen. Our vet is one of the best in a city of 1/4 million people. I firmly believe Willie had a reaction- either to stress or the anesthesia and the tech who was monitoring did not catch the warning signs he was in trouble. That phone call from the vet broke my heart. The grief was worsened in that it was so senseless- it was for his health... that's what the vet said- I find it hard to believe dead is healthy! We were perfectly able to pen Willie safely while away... and Sami, our female was spayed (she had trouble from that as well, but another story) Having researched much too late I did discover the data is not clear cut. Neutering will prevent puppies and prostrate cancer... but possible not promote cardiovascular health or some of the other benefits the vet told us about. I am not anti- neutering... but I am very pro getting as much information as you can and research both procedure, vet, and monitoring before you take your special baby in... It is NOT a routine procedure!- Wendy

Mom to Sami, Jake & Abby & Willie (ATB)
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What would be your opinion on a non-nuetered aggresive to only men kinda dog?
We had our Maggie spayed just this past Tuesday. How long should we wait until letting our kids rough house with her again? She's only a year old and very active. I'm new to this sight and really enjoying all the reading so far.
I would follow the post-op instructions given by your veterinarian. My vet says no rough housing for 10 days and though they feel fine after a day, I follow her advice.
I started to address this topic but I have too much to say. When people ask me if I breedbassets, I say "no, I rescue".
longdogsforever, if your dog doesn't have an A-1 temperment don't breed him. Nuetering alone will not make his fear or agression of men go away by itself.
Well, after reading all the posts,Buddy is still getting Snip snip ,For one I am not in to the leg love thing and I have no plans of pimping him out ;) .I am a new Bassett mom But in my research Of them, male / female either fixed or not They are a sent dog and will roam If they get the chance .I do not feel it is cruel (I am fixed and very Happy about it )

Buddys Mom
they will ride your leg fixed or's up to you to stop them from doing it.
If nueter early before the increase in sex hormones then leg humping is virtual non-existant howver if you wait till puberty 5-6 month of age when most nuetering is done then there is no difference. See Early Spay/Neuter: An Overview

The interest in roaming is eliminated in 90% of neutered dogs. Aggressive behavior against other male dogs is eliminated in 60% of neutered dogs. Urine marking is eliminated in 50% of neutered male dogs. Inappropriate mounting is eliminated in 70% of neutered dogs
Neutered Dogs: Will They Still Hump?
Some mounting is not sexual, and as with people, there's a wide margin of he/she interaction that is flirty but not leading toward sex. Likely you will see some mounting, and it could even at times be her mounting him. I have 3 dogs, a male and 2 females, and I interrupt this behavior within several seconds when it occurs, without making a big deal out of it. Dogs are generally quite tolerant about being mounted briefly, and in a way it's healthy, since it gives the dog a sexual orientation toward opposite-sex dogs rather than toward humans. You would not, of course, want to allow a dog to harass another dog with persistent mounting.
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Spaying/neutering IMO is unnecessary for every pet owner. In many other countries it isn't as common place here (granted there isn't our overpopulation problem) and things are fine.

I have a mutt that will not be neutered as he's the first I've had since I've taken an interest in the subject and educated myself instead of listening to vets and other pet owners.

I'm not going to be the one to start the debate, I'll only say that educate yourself...both for and against and then decide on your own. We all have our own experiences and opinions but your dog doesn't live in any of our homes.

Another option is the canine vasectomy which leaves the testes and allows for testosterone to be produced as normal. This will not curb your dogs desire to roam, should he have it, but will render him sterile.
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