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Nervous Nelly

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Ever since Stomps died in January, Lightning has been very nervous and clingy. Stomps was the policeman around our house, and Lightning just did whatever Stomps did. Now that Stomps is gone, Lightning is a nervous wreck. He had terrible separation anxiety as a puppy, which is why I got Stomps in the first place. Getting a second dog seemed to cure Lightning. But now if he's not in the room with me, he's miserable. Even when he is with me, he jumps at every noise. I had to kennel him last week, and he came back with a gigantic hot spot below his chin. He's never had one before, so he must have been pretty stressed.

I hate to see him like this, but I don't know what to do. I've thought about getting another dog, but after losing Stomps so recently, I'm having a hard time making that commitment again. (I thought the cat would be a greater comfort to him--he LOVES the cat--but that's not doing much.) The vet gave me a nutraceutical to give him called Novifit. It seems geared toward anxiety caused by senility in dogs. Lightning's always been an anxious dog, so I'm not too optimistic this will work.

This is a rare day in Kentucky when it's not raining, so we're going outside to mow the grass--that at least will give him a little physical and mental exercise. And I have a kong for him, which he loves. Any other ideas?
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Spencer began suffering from anxiety last fall, when my mom started adult daycare (he had been spending all his days with her while I worked). For the first time in his life, he found himself alone most of the day. I found a neighbor who was willing to let him out daily, but his days were still mostly spent alone. I thought the anxiety was just due to separation issues, but about the same time, he started exhibiting some other bizarre behaviors & was eventually diagnosed with canine cognitive dysfunction (doggy alzheimers). The vet said it was hard to tell if his anxiety was due to the separation or the CCD. So, he started on Anipryl. After about one month on it, I did start to notice changes. He's been on it several months now & the change is remarkable. He now only has occasional separation anxiety, and it is mild. Spencer too has been anxious all his life about alot of things, and some of those anxieties have also improved and some have stayed the same, but the new anxiety has definitely improved. I'm not sure if the medication you mention is similar to the Anipryl or not. The downside is that it is expensive - $103.00/month but, as long as it is working, it is worth it. I hope Lightning feels better soon! :)
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I'm sorry for poor Lightning. I wish I could offer advice but I have no experience with a nervous dog. I only hope you can find a good solution for the poor baby.
IMHO he needs canine company...the rescue bassets I have taken in have seemed to blossomed here as they have lots of canine company...would you consider adoptingan older dog...not neccessarily getting a pup?
Beverly Anne, I would love to adopt an older dog. But after losing Stomps in January (he was over 13), I don't know if I can take going through that again so soon. But I have been looking around at available dogs, very passively. If I stumble across a dog that I absolutely fall in love with, I won't say no to bringing him or her home. In fact, I just emailed a woman about a cocker spaniel (of all breeds, that's the last I would pick for myself) who is in one of those prison training programs but is due to be "released" soon. He will be returned to a high kill rate shelter. All I know is he's an adult dog and he's cranky. I'll update everyone if anything happens.
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