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Neighbours aarghhh!!1

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When I get home from work I take the dogs out to do their business and to let them run around as I'm gone all day. Yesterday I had them out as usual and as you can imagine they bark, that's what dogs do!

As a rule I let the dogs out for about 10 minutes but yesterday I made an exception because I was using the bbq.

Well, just as I'm about to bring everyone inside I hear the neighbour's kid yell "Shut up you ***** dog" and slam the door. I just about died. This ruined my evening and I had problems concentrating at work.

What makes me mad/sad is that I've tried everything to stop them from barking from water bottles to collars and nothing works. I never leave them outside unless I'm close by and I bring them in when they bark.

What more can I do???
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My advice is to ignore the neighbors, who are obviously creepazoids, to borrow a word from my husband. Dogs bark, especially when they're excited. It's like asking babies not to cry. Fie on the neighbor kid. I'd use stronger language, but it wouldn't be polite. :lol:
Well the other day I was concerned about my two barking too much. They've been doing it more and more lately. But after this weekend, I really don't care. One neighbor's little dog yapped the whole time I was outside, and the other neighbor's kids were yelling and screaming for hours.
If I have to listen to their kids, they can listen to my "kids".

By the way, with all the noise the neighbors were making, my two just sat on the lawn and watched me do yard work.
I constantly ask my neighbours if the dogs are a problem with Menna barking to anyone riding a horse or walking down the lane " I'm here come and play " so far it's worked well because I ask they haven't had the nerve to complain.
Neighbors' kids screaming for hours is one of the reasons I don't care if George does some barking. The neighbors behind us have a pool and every day, all day, all summer, those kids are out there howling like a bunch of uncivilized barbarians from dawn to dusk and sometimes beyond. And that's just that one house. Add in all the OTHER kids and it's chaos. But I don't whine about it to them so they can put up with George.
I used to get mad that stella would bark at our back neighbors until I heard duncan barking. The Neighbors make fun of him! they think he's cute but still, then I heard their kids antagonizing my dog by calling her from a window and making her crazy. I don't care anymore, but husband does, I guess he cares what people think of him.
Your neighbour's kids might be just a bunch of brats!!
Don't let it ruin your day.
I used to care if Elvis bothered the neighbors, but not anymore. I know between which hours he cannot be loud, and outside of those hours he is free to bark bark bark. As I told my backyard neighbor it is what dogs do. Just like the kid you were speaking of, obviously it is what he does. If someone yells at Elvis for barking, I normally just start barking right along with him.
You know what, I wouldn't worry a lot. Dogs bark when they're outside because they see birds & squirrels and hear cars, trains, other dogs, people, etc. Dogs think their job is to bark at everything, they're alerting us to what's going on. Try not to let the obnoxious neighbor kid ruin your day!

As long as you're not letting your dog bark late at night/early morning, and he's not causing problems with making other dogs in the area bark, what's the big deal?

We do have a neighbor dog who bays constantly. It's boredom barking, you can tell. When our dogs bark back at him and we make them come inside. When they don't bark back, he stops up, too, for awhile. Now, I do take exception to "boredom barking", because I think he's not getting the proper care or attention or he wouldn't sit there and bay for no reason. But I also understand that dogs bark. They think it's their job. :)

If it's during the day, and the kid is yelling at the dog anyway--of course he/she's going to bark back!--I wouldn't sweat it. He probably couldn't hear his iPod or something, the poor baby! :wink:

Hang in there!
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Personally i wouldn't worry about it. Dogs bark that's the way it is! It sounds like your neighbors are the problem not your dogs!
I KNOW it's the neighbours

I've decided to put up a cedar hedge and that'll cut the noise down a bit and the added bonus is that I won't see these people anymore in a couple of years. They actually went as far as to write in the local paper to complain about the barking! They weren't just complaining about my dogs though there's a woman down the hill from us who leaves her dog outside all day and he barks up a storm hehehe... sometimes he even comes over for a vist a beautiful little black lab.

I guess the hedge isn't going to change the neighbours but I'm sick to death of not feeling at home in my own backyard. These people have nothing better to do than plant themselves facing my yard and watching me it's very annoying.

Ok enough venting for me...

I hear you, Lou. There were times when I felt like the entertainment for my next door neighbors ... we solved it with a 6 foot high white PVC fence. Haven't seen 'em since!

Janet 'n Twinkie
Thank you all for your support

It's so nice to know I'm not alone.

Re: Thank you all for your support

Originally posted by Louise
It's so nice to know I'm not alone.

Definately not alone :? I just moved into our new home almost 2 months ago ... almost everything was perfect ...

... the only thing so far that's wrong with the place isn't with the house ... it's our neighbours.

Their place was built almost right up against the property line ... we have a tall fence BUT they have a small balcony on their second floor and the woman site out on her balcony and yep you guessed it ... it overlooks our back yard where the kids (3 of them ages 8, 12 and 13) and our dogs (my 2 bassets and mom's chow/lab cross) love to play and have fun like only kids with dogs can.

(Yes it can get noisy but it's _happy_ noise and as far as I'm concerned there's no better sound than happy children playing with happy animals).

Anyhow this woman sits out there with an expression on her face like she bit into the nastiest sourest thing you could imagine and GLARES at the kids and swears and cusses to herself (loud enough for us to hear though) about "hoodlum kids" and "damn dogs".

She sent her son over to tell us to get control of our "illegal kennel" and "ragmuffin daycare" before she calls the police on us because apparently we are making noise constantly from sunup to sundown and ruining her enjoyment of life ... apparently.

We're thinking Kennel????? Daycare????? WTH?!?

Well my dad is really sensitive and he was appalled to think that someone was angry with us to that extent.

We've done everything reasonabbly possible to minimize the noise in the back ... especially by that side of the house, however this particular woman continues to be sour and negative.

I feel somewhat sorry for her and feel that her life must have been miserable if she can't find enjoyment watching happy children playing with their pets.

Mom and I have tried to warm up to her... greeting her when we're outside and we notice her watching us. We'll wave and smile and wish her a good day. And her face puckers even more.

Mom says she thinks the lady is just jealouse that she doesn't have happy children in HER backyard and has probably never owned any type of dog in her life.

Pretty much everyone in this neighbourhood owns dogs as well... ALL of our neighbours along the street, behind us, on the other side of the road etc have dogs... except not this lady.

She has cats.

And these cats are the sorriest nastiest critters you ever saw!

They come over here and sit on our fence and hiss at the dogs (which gets them barking which leads to her complaining) etc.

One time I thought to maybe catch one of her cats to bring it back to her next door and suggest (nicely) that if she would keep her cats out of our yard our dogs may not bark so much so it would be mutually beneficial.

However when my mom and I caught the largest cat it was NASTY!

The poor thing was covered in scabs and fleas and felt absolutely disgusting. It even stunk so bad my mom gagged.

If we didn't have the dogs and a little more money I'm sure my mom would have kept the thing and nursed it to health herself.

It was missing teeth and it's eyes were dull.

Yet we knew this was HER cat (she yelled at us before to get the dogs to leave her "baby" alone one time when it was on the fence) and not just some stray. ... You wouldn't have been able to tell by the state the thing was in.

So my mom and I decided we could not in good concience return this animal to her as she obviously was either not willing or unable to care for it properly herself.

We took it in to animal control. They immediately quarenteened it and said they would dip it and clean it up and get it some food. They figure underneath all the grunge it's actually a nice looking animal. (It's a long hair and almost all black with some bands of color accross it's shoulders).

The lady has never asked about the cat. One time the kids were in the back and one of them asked her where her kitty was and she just spat at them and said "damn thing prolly ran away!"

My mom says she feels like we did a good thing bringing the cat in to the shelter.

She still continues to cuss us out and call us vile things, my dad is starting to realize he just needs to ignore it. My kids are learning to tune her out and when she gets particularly nasty they come in doors.

We suspect she's not entirely 'well'.

We've spoken to the bylaw officers and they say there's no problems here. They are familiar with that lady and there have been no other complaints against us.

We've actually been told there's no way they'd even have suspected there's THREE dogs here nevermind two hounds - due to the actual LACK of "exessive" noise.

Ohhh well .... not everything can be perfect.

And unfortunately you can't pick your neighbours.

My mom is planting some rhododendron bushes along the fence as well as some other tall bushy like plants so hopefully that'll help as well.

All anyone can do is what could reasonably be expected of them and if that's not enough... well ... you can't please everyone.
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I completely understand your frustration. I live in a duplex apt (with a pet agreement) and a new neighbor has rented the place next door but hasnt even moved in yet...
another neighbor of mine overheard him asking the landlord if he was going to have to "live next door to THIS" as they stood 10 feet from my front door while Copper barked wildly.
Am I wrong in thinking that this is exactly what he's supposed to do if a stranger has approached our home???
We have controlled his all day barking with a collar he no longer has to wear, and I think his barking in this situation is completely acceptable. Haven't heard anything from the landlord, but you can bet that if I hear any human barking from next door in the coming months, I'll be sure to make my comments known as well.
I am so offended that he referred to Copper as "this" ARRRGGH!
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