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Hi all, I have a 9 month old basset who is very needy. He follows me everywhere and whines a lot. I mean A LOT. He'll bark non stop if I put him in his crate to do my house chores (mopping the floor) or leave him even just for a while. He just won't stop following me and trying to jump on my lap especially when I'm busy doing something. He likes to countersurf, but only my work desk, never the kitchen counter.
He is also very hyperactive even though I take him for a walk 1.5 hours every day and give him toys. I got him 3 months ago and he used to bite. He's getting better now and doesn't bite anymore, but his needy-ness disturbs my working hour (I work from home).
Do you have any suggestion? Thanks! :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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