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Worm also follows us everywhere and always wants to be where we are. He will play with his toy, but if we move away, he stops playing with it and wants to do what we're doing. He is 8 months now.

This surprised me because the last dog I had (a wiener dog) was quite independent and could entertain himself for hours. Not Worm.

Well, he is learning slowly, so we always praise him when he plays independently and gets interested in something by himself.

I think when we really need a break, we do put him in the crate for an hour or two. He sleeps, and we can get stuff done. When we work, he is in there 4-5 hrs during the day. So on weekends, an hour or two in the crate isn't bad for him, i don't think.

ps. Molly McFreckles, I think Worm is related and is a McFreckles too! (what a creative last name there...)
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