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Needing a new home

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I thought it would be "death do us part" when I rescued Ruby. I often read lame excuses why people give up their dogs and I judged them harshly. To keep Ruby would be for my own selfishness rather than think of her best interests. I work full time and now have had to take on a second job. The fact is I am never home, and when I am mostly I am down for the count on the couch. I have thought of every angle possible to continue to have Ruby. When I see her play with children or another dog it breaks my heart knowing this is what she really needs. Rarely have I been walking her. Please don't msg. me with untoward comments because this is one of the most difficult days of my life. Ruby is 9 yrs. old and is a rescue, and we have been together for the past 7 yrs. Bonnie


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I am very sorry for you and Ruby that you are finding yourself in a situation where you feel it best to re-home her. Have you already found a home for her, or are you still needing to find a suitable one? Does she usually get along with other (female) hounds or would she have to be an only-dog?
Hello Mum2scully --- I believe that she would get along, but there is always the option if things don't work out that Ruby would come home to me. Maybe you could email me and I can give you my phone number. There is the possiblity that I could put her on my camera on my laptop so she can talk to you lol.
I see you live in Delta. I picked up Ruby from a woman in Richmond who rescued her. [email protected] Bonnie
I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I know it breaks your heart, but you are probably doing what's best.

Hi Bonnie,
I'm just about to run out the door to take Scully for a walk in the park with her basset buds, but I'll send you an email this afternoon.
:rolleyes: Ok here's what I have done folks. Two days ago I phoned a pet store in the next small town to see if I could leave my name in finding a home for Ruby. The clerk said there was already a woman who has left her name in finding a home for her Basset. I did leave a msg. on her machine and said to give me a call. Well, I got a call from her husband who told me that he and his wife were separating and they need a home for their dog. Within the hour I was at their house. There was Paisley, a beautiful young Basset ! All her belongings were outside the front door. The fellows wee daughter was outside for a few moments as we discussed Paisley. She is unneutered which will be the first thing done. I left my Ruby in the car while we all made introductions. I did mention how sad I felt for his family breaking up. He said his wife didn't want to come outside she was too upset. I told the fellow that he could call me anytime to find out how Paisley and he said he wouldn't be.

I put Paisley in the back seat Ruby in the front and we headed for the nearest park to get acquainted. No problems, lots of peeing, sniffing the grass and just trotting along. Another half hour in the truck and we are home. The two of the girls have been doing the Basset 500 around the fenced yard. Lots of humping on Ruby's part whether it be Paisley's head or rear. No agression yet, and I can only hope it stays that way with two females. The two have played for the past hour and my 9yr. old is tired. Paisley keep going to the gate and whining with a really high pitch. It is a huge separation from her family, and will just shower her with love to maybe finally feel at home. It's like I've played enough now and I want to go home now.

For the past few years I have contemplated getting a second Basset for company for Ruby too. So many of my cooworker said I was plane nuts, and I bought into that. Well, I believe I have made the right decision. Ruby has been pooping in a couple of rooms continually when I am out and so, what I have decided is to learn to live with it. I shall have all my rugs ripped out and put laminate down. Secondly I will install a doggy door. Here's a photo I too a couple of min ago. Paisley has much shorter legs than Ruby, shoulders like Zena, and a face a little like a Beagle. She is 2 years old. Not sure on her immunizations but the Vet has a practice in both towns I will phone him. I like the one photo of Paisley she lays with her back feet out the side when lying something Ruby can't do. I will take a photo of her face when ever Paisley stays still. Thank you so much everyone for listening and caring.
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That's terrific news--I love happy endings! :) :) :)
Wow, I'm so glad you've worked it out so far! I'm really happy to hear that you didn't have to give up your girl!

I'm really glad for you but I don't see pictures!!
I am really SO HAPPY that things have worked out this way for you and Ruby, and Paisley! :) That is the best news!
YAY, Bonnie! You rock, girl. Solved two huge problems in one creative move. Franny and I are proud of you!
When I read your first entry and came to the part that you have been with your Basset for 7 years........well I just could not see how you could be separated, then you might die from a broken heart! I have another dog and cat for companions for my Molly and they are all happy---I am so very glad you made the move you made.
What a wonderful ending to a potentially tragic story.
Hi Bonnie,

Very glad Ruby isn't losing her mama and has a new playmate. My Jasper Jones has his cat friend, Lynyrd (named by one of our teen sons who likes rock bands). This isn't as good as a basset but Jasper and Lynyrd play well and enjoy each others' company, even though Jasper often lords it over the cat, letting him know who's boss. You obviously love your dog and believe me, I know how bad guilt can be when I am too busy to take Jasper out on the walks he loves. Our teen boys give him attention and this helps.

jasperspet aka colleen
This is wonderful news! I am thrilled to read the update!
I'm glad it's all worked out...from the other Ruby!


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