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Hi Flash,

totally agree w/Annie.
ur talking about my favorite subject so i just have to share.
this is the "Worm" cocktail:
bottom & top: lowfat vanilla yogurt (we use Mountain High)
inner layer: applesauce (if it's on the bottom, it's too liquidy & will leak out before it freezes, that's why the yogurt is good)
inner layer: PB, 'cause me LOVES Peanut Butter!!!

me wants a whole Kong made of PB, but my person said 'no,' that would be too much PB for me at once... boo hoo.

then we freeze it overnite. we actually have 2 Kongs & we might get a third. then don't have to make them as often.

let us know what 'cocktails' ya end up trying!
we have also done w/wet food & w/baby food (meat and also just veggies), but somehow it didn't go w/the other ingredients so well for me...

hope ya have fun!
me bets ur 4 year old could help make them too : )
how 'bout adding some gummy bears?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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