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Hi y’all!! This is my first time on this site, happy to be involved in the Bassett owner community!!

I have had my Bassett, Cooper, since he was ten weeks old, he’s now 5 years. At between two and three years old, Cooper decided he likes to howl at music.
At first I naturally found this behavior adorable. Over the last few years however, it has gotten to a point where it’s very disruptive. He will howl at ANY and ALL music. It doesn’t matter if it’s the background music on a TV show, live music playing at a bar down the street, or simply me playing music through my headphones.
He does not howl at sirens, or fireworks, or even other dogs howling! Just music.
I have tried many to resolve this, all of them unsuccessful. Bark collars, high-pitched noise buzzers, positive reinforcement when he’s quiet….nothing will quiet him down. I can tel he tries to hold it in, he will run into another room, and he starts shaking his head and twitching like it’s clearly bugging him.

Could this be a medical issue? He wouldn’t have had an ear infection for years, I feel the vet would have noticed it.

I love my dog more than life itself, I just need some peace and quiet. I see a lot of posts on here of people wanting to get their hound to howl, but no posts about hounds that howl too much….

anyone have experience with this?
Other than with our lot, one would start and the others, awake or not! would join in, I've never had them howl at ALL music. It might be worth a vet examination in case there's something bothering him in his ears (shaking his head etc could suggest an ear infection? ) but otherwise, sorry, I can't help.
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