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Need Help

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We haven't posted in a while but, I'm in need of advice. We think one of our bassets had a siezure tonight. She made a noise between a howl and cry of pain. My husband went down stairs to see what was wrong and found her convusling on the chair. Her legs were going like she was struggling to get up and struggling to breathe. He put her on the floor and checked to she if she was choaking. He kept his fingers in her mouth and after a minute she swallowed hard and started breathing normal ( a little fast but steady). It took her a minute and she blinked and started to wag her tail. She is a little restless now but ok. We are taking her to the vet in the morning unless she does it again. Has this happened to anyone else? We are very scared and trying not to think the worst. Can anyone help?
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Gibbs did this to us a bit ago (I guess it was during my Christmas break). We took him to the vet and they ran all kinds of tests and found NOTHING! The vet said that she too had a dog that used to do it without any tests showing the cause. Hopefully this will be a one time thing for yours too. I have to mirror Mikey T when I say that you should not put your hands in the mouth (unless you're willing to loose a few fingers). Just like when humans seizure the best thing you can do is move things away from them so as they will not hurt themselves during the seizure. They will work themselves out of it, though I know it is very scary to watch. I grew up with a kid that had seizures daily so I know how hard it is to watch and do nothing. I totally brokedown and freaked out when Gibbs did it. Good luck in finding out whats going on, and keep us posted.

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