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need a new home

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unfortunatly with 2 other dogs and a 1 month old its become apparent that my basset is not getting the attention she deserves would like to know if any one in the texas area would like to adopt her
she is 6 yrs old and spayed good with kids and cats crate trained (not sure about house broken) and just needs a loving family to provide her all the attention she needs.
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Hi David. After many years of being without a Basset companion, the great people at North Texas Basset Rescue put me and my Max together. The fit was perfect for both of us, and I cannot say enough good things about the Rescue. You might want to post a photo of your Basset. Good luck.

Max's Daddy
Where in Texas are you?
Hi everyone, I'm back..... it's been a long time!

I am interested in finding out about this Basset who may need a new home. After living in Arkansas for all these years, I have finally relocated to Bonham, Texas. My daughter's Basset Murphy has recently left us and we are needing to find another loyal friend & family member. Mati wants another Basset, nothing else is acceptable.

As Betsy & many of you already know, I have been a Basset mom for quite a few years & am a very resposible basset owner. If anyone knows where I might find a well behaved basset adult(Oxy-moron???) or possibly a puppy, please let me know.

I am willing to travel in the Dallas-Fort Worth area... we are located between Sherman & Paris.

Thanks so much!!!! :cool:
i am located in arlington feel free to call me at 2145631394 for any info or email me at [email protected]
never mind we were able to work through our issues with our lovable basset companion
ahh the love of a dog none can beat it
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