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Naughy Basset Girl!

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My Maggie Mae has really turned into a brat! She doesn't obey commands, she's mean to her 'brother', she's an all-around pest right now! I don't know what's gotten into her. She's just been terrible lately. :( I can't get her to do anything I ask of her (you'd think she was an actual human child!).

By-the-way, she turned 3 yesterday.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS MAGGIE!! Three makes you a legal adult (21) in dog years you know. Time to show mama what a responsible lady you are. Plus... good girls get more treats!! Hang in there.
Gandy has started answering to the name "no."
Never too late for obedience class (or a repeat) ;)
she's mean to her 'brother',
Typical relationship between basset females and males.

She doesn't obey commands
obviously she does not have enough incentive to do so. While I am not a big advocate especial because of the way it is often portrayed as work but a NILIF aka say please program can help. It often provides the disipline on the human side of the equation to reward the good behavior. What happen way to often is the good behavior gets ignored, and behaviors that are not rewarded fade.

see Should You Use “Nothing in Life Is Free” with Your Dog?
Never too late for obedience class (or a repeat) ;)
That's what I'm thinking might have to happen. The behavior problems seem to have started when we moved in June. I wonder if that might be a real reason.
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