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Natural Balance Pet Food Recall

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From Itchmo

Itchmo has confirmed with Natural Balance that their recall has expanded and now covers the following items for all dates:

Venison and Brown Rice Treats for Dogs (New today)
Venison and Brown Rice Canned Formula for Dogs (New today)
Venison and Brown Rice Dry Food for Dogs (Reported Sunday)
Venison and Green Pea Dry Food for Cats (Reported Sunday)

The problem stems from melamine found in the rice protein concentrate (described by the company as rice gluten) used by Natural Balance. They confirmed that FDA testing has found melamine in the rice protein concentrate. The ingredient was produced by a US vendor, according to Natural Balance. Natural Balance recommends avoiding all rice protein in their products.

They have also confirmed that customers are reporting “a few cases” of kidney failures, which their original announcement described as “kidney problems”.[/b]
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From the same article:
Despite those violations, the Chinese government is on track to get permission to legally export its chickens to the United States -- a prospect that has raised concern not only because of fears of bacteria such as salmonella but also because Chinese chickens, if not properly processed, could be a source of avian flu, which public-health authorities fear may be poised to trigger a human pandemic. :angry: (emphasis added)[/b]
Now here's something that should send absolute chills down everyone's spine!

Too bad there isn't an easy way to determine exactly where our food comes from nowadays. Consumers refusing to buy foodstuffs that have been anywhere near China (and several other countries) would really be an economic statement!
How do you feel about Purina Dog Chow :lol:
Nope. . .well, not yet anyway
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