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According to USA Today, the rice gluten is also imported from China, but distributed by an American company.

And vaguely related - a few weeks ago, when this first broke, I read a somewhat complicated discussion about how urea is used to produce melamine - and that urea is also used in some cattle feeds in America (sometimes with disastrous results for the cattle - apparently they can overdose on it pretty quickly).

Isn't urea or uric acid in the human body responsible for some forms of kidney stones and for gout? I also remember reading that the examiners had found crystal like formations in the kidneys of affected critters. ?. Any possible relationship, do you think?

Um, edited to add: I just found this from The American College of Veterinary Medicine re pets affected by the recalls:

Crystalluria is being found in many of these cases and veterinarians should request a urine review for crystal morphology from their diagnostic laboratory. These crystals have been described as round and yellow with radiant striations and appear similar to uric acid or urate crystals.[/b]
? Is it morphing into a related but separate form? Or ... ?
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