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Nap time stories with Flash...Pictures!

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So, Mommy& Daddy were watching a movie the other day and I decided I should plomp down on Mommy to take a power nap :D

Snoring now 8)

Ohhhh, Mommy, please don't wake me up! :(

Ok, so she made me move ( I don't know why) :?

So, now that you have made me move...Please leave me alone! :roll:
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Awww, poor Flash. Doesn't Mommy know that nap time takes precedence over everything except food?
I just loooove pics of sleeping bassets...lowers my blood pressure. :)

A new comic strip

Poor Flash. Slave won't even let U sleep in peace. :D . here's an idea. When she falls asleep grab the boxey thing and stand over her and click the button.Tummy Boy's Mom
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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