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Hi there.

My Lola just hate to get her nails clipped, its always a torture, my vet does this job but he always tell me it's so hard to do it because Lola cries since she see the clipper. I tried to do it and now i know what my vet is talking about, she gets in panic. So i'm about to buy a dremel to try another way and it hasn't be so traumatic for her. Do you have some advice on this topic?, thanks in advance.
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How I Dremel Dog Nails

Nail Trimming for Senisitve Dogs

Toughy is terrified of any electrical motor noise so a dremel is a poor choice for him but it works great for Mariah she is much better with the dremel than a guillotine cutter.

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Thanks a lot for the info, those articles are so useful! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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