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dremel type pet filing system (not the actual dremel, I would end up hurting myself or the dog!),
Nothing wrong with a dremel the cheaper pet version like pedipaws willl not make a dent on adult basset nails It is best to intruduce any eletric tool early as part of socializiation if done later you can end up with a dog very fearful of the tool so densetation is a lot easier.

I have never found a guilitine type trimmer capable of cutting adult basset nails, you need a trimmer made for large mails like Miller forges orange handled large dog trimmer. One thing is they are not very consistent in quality. I never buy on line only in stores cheching out the action on each pair many have burrs that make them rough when snipping I ussual buy the two best pairs, a test each on a nail or two, One is ussakky vastly superior to the other requiring less force and a leaving a smoother cut I keep those and put the other away for just emergency. They generally need to be replaced every 6 mnths to a year.

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