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I think it was in another thread I asked sort of how to do the nails. Now I am really wanting some more advice.

Vet told hubby to just have me file flash's nails, he is young enough that they should be soft enough to do that. Yeah...doesn't work so well. Takes forever to make a dent in them (I am probably doing it wrong, so that doesn't help either!)

So, What do you all personally prefer for nails-dremel type pet filing system (not the actual dremel, I would end up hurting myself or the dog!), those guillotine type cutters, files, taking them to a vet/groomer to get them cut?

I am looking at something along the lines of a pedipaw they used to advertise on tv. But I don't want to blow 20 bucks and have it not work. But those little talons of his are sharp enough to make me bleed! I need to get something to work on them! I am lucky-his nails are clear, so I should have no problem avoiding the quick. I would prefer to be able to do them myself, but there is a grooming place just outside of town I could take him to (not sure of the cost though).

Anyway, just looking to see what everyone else prefers. Thanks in advance for any help folks!
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