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Mysterious infection-high temp

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I recently posted a thread about my Benson who had been trembling. Last night he started again and he was salivating.... (not drooling as we all know it). I rushed him to the hospital at 11pm. They took his temperature right away. It was 107.2. His organs were shutting down. The doctor told me that the highest they usually see is in the 103 range when a sick dog comes in. He was admitted into critical care right away. They put a fan on him and they gave him oxygen right away, and started an IV. They came out from the back and asked me "about resussitation for him if something happens". I had to pay before any additional treatment.... (so I wrote a check which was the size of my mortgage payment) and they kept him all night. His temp went down to 105.5 within the first 2 hours of being there, then around 6am it was down to 103. I picked him up from the hospital at 9am and took him to my regular vet as instructed by them and I have now brought him home. He has 2 strong antibiotics and no diagnosis. They did blood work, an ultrasound of the stomach, xrays of the chest and stomach, stool and urine samples... nothing has pinpointed the problem. He is not shaking now but he has been sleeping since I brought him home. ***The 2 things that he has in addition to the high temp is elevated white blood count and low glucose with pale gums.** The vet at the hospital wrote " possible sepsis" on her report. Does anyone have any additonal ideas?? I have added Benson as my new avatar today so you all can see him. He will be 9 this month. I am blessed that he is still with me.
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Giving the earlier problem septis is quite likely imho however in many cases in humans as well as dogs the actual source of an infection is never known, Ya just hope it isn't resistant to the antibiotics.
Yep sometimes the infections are never known.

Back earlier last year, we came home and one of our bassets just wasn't acting normal.........He seemed restless, being up and down in a different spot like he could not get comfortable which is unusual for him. I checked his temp and it is 102. I brought him up upstairs with us to monitor him and checked his temp again around 30-45 min later and it was like 103.

Loaded him up and took him to the emergency vet clinic. By the time we got there which is about a 25 minute drive, his temps was over 104. They ran test that he had an infection, but were unsure what.

Treated him with Clavamox which took care of it.

Poor hound, next day after vet closing time, he got one of his dew claws nearly ripped out.........since he was already on the Clavamox the night before, he was good to go on meds.

Still don't know what caused the infection...........he was fine before we left the house and came home to his strange behavior that sent the red flag something was wrong.........sometimes that is the way it goes.
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I picked up a guy at a local shelter last Friday and he was fine through Sat. night. Sunday morning he was so sick we had to carry him to the car to head to the er. His white blood cell count was 45,000 (not a misprint), he had a fever, coughing, problems breathing etc etc etc. He survived.

We send blood work out and it came back positive for mycoplasma cynos. Still waiting for more info on exactly what type it is. Baytril & doxy seem to have knocked it out of his system. Interestingly they also tested for H1N1 (among lots of other things) because it's becoming more common.
Benson's update today seems good considering the situation earlier in the week. He came home last night around 5pm. He peed and drank some water and slept really good. (we had a terrible thunderstorm and heavy rain which caused him a little added stress but overall a good night.) He slept all day today. When I came home from work, he had a few peices of plain cooked chicken breast, then he drank some water. He is taking 375mg of the clavimox and 68mg of Baytril. We also have a tube of gooey stuff to squirt in his mouth throughout the day to keep the glucose up. We seem to be making some progress. :)

Giving the earlier problem septis is quite likely imho however in many cases in humans as well as dogs the actual source of an infection is never known, Ya just hope it isn't resistant to the antibiotics.
Yes. The vet wrote "possible septis" on the write up. The antibiotics seem to be working so far.. I have my fingers crossed. Do you know of any links for this infection?
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