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He has been housebroken for a loooong time now. It has been a rough year on all of us, we lost my dad, and Louie's best friend last January. We have all had to go through a horrible adjustment. (You all my remember me as CMFairygodmother...

Anyhow, when my husband and I went to Sweden, we put Louie in a kennel at our Vet's. He was hoarse from barking when we got him home. That was August. In September, my son moved out, and Louie was home alone for 8 hours. Last week, I came home and he had pooped on the floor. My bad, I figured...I didn't get home in time...and it wasn't his fault.

We had to go out of town overnight on Saturday and again I boarded him for just one night.

Yesterday I got out of the shower, walked across the living room rug and stepped in wet! He had urinated on the rug!!

After work, I flew home to let him out, I gave him a cookie, and went out again for some "Nature's Miracle"...I came home, gave him dinner, and just as I was getting ready to clean the rug...there he was...pooping in the hall!!

What is going on with Lou???
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