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This is my last sad post. :) I wrote this when my mom died. I think it's how we all feel when we lose someone, even our beloved little hounds.

My nephew sings in a band, EVERLONG, based out of Saskatoon, Sask. They are recording it as a ballad for their next CD. They're pretty good:


You know I'm feeling awful sad tonight,
I loved you...and I hope you knew
now there are no words to describe
...just how much...I'm missing you

Always thought you'd be here
for me, I hoped you'd never go away
but fate has played her cruel hand I wish you could've stayed

Guess I'll go on...with my life
I'll smile, and wipe away my tears
but alone I just don't strong
it was you.....who silenced all my fears

I'll remember for a lifetime
all that you've taught and...given to me
I'll treasure every moment...with you
and then my heart....will set you free

Sandy Hamon
copyrite 2004

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