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I LOVE this picture!!

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Patti, your 'kids' are so adorable. No wonder you miss them.
I want to just scrunch up those faces, and kiss those noses so badly. Be sure to do it for me, will you, when they get home? :)

What a handsome basset- he has a beautiful gentle face- and those ears!!
Beautiful dog--love those ginormous ears! :D
The most beautiful ears... so soft looking-
I LOVE HIM!!!! He's got the cutest, sweetest, most kissable face! Both your babies are beyond adorable, but I have a super soft spot for Rusty! :)
(OMG)Rusty is STUNNING!! :) Rusty has the most long ears I've seen in ages. Give him a hug and kiss from Tummy. Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy.
He really is a handsome guy! yvonne
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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