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My poor baby!

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Poor Lightning is having a tooth pulled as we speak. I had noticed that his breath was particularly bad, so I suspected something in his mouth was infected. Turns out he had a cracked tooth! Poor baby--no telling how long it's been hurting him. I feel like a bad mom.
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Poor Lightning, I hope he feels better soon.
Poor guy!! I hope he heals quickly!! My daughter's 12yr. old greyhound had a tooth pulled for the same reason, and he did great.
Lightning is back from the vet and already sound asleep. Everything went well, although it was a big tooth they pulled (they gave it to me to keep--should I put it under Lightning's pillow tonight?). But they said his blood tests looked great, as did his EKG (he's 12, so that was a huge relief to hear). So we're both resting comfortably now.
Glad to hear the dental surgery went well. Definitely put the tooth under his pillow tonight! Maybe he will wake up to a pile of biscuits!;)
Definately put it under his pillow so the doggie tooth fairy can come!!!
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