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My "New to Me" Basset Hound

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Here is my new lovely girl. I'm still waiting for her name :) For some reason it would not let me do an "insert image" so a link will have to do.
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What a beauty she is! She looks like a queen sitting on her throne.

Give her a special belly rub from me for being so regal.
Thanks everyone! Funny you say queen! I had a suggestion that I should name her Cleopatra! I think Cleo for short would be quite good!
How adorable. She looks like a Cleo.

She does look like a "Cleo" or Cleopatra ... all reagal and just waiting for someone to start peeling her some grapes! (Or a Scooby-Snack!) *hehe*
She looks like a very regal lady waiting to be waited on. Cleo would be a great name for her, and she is very beautiful, too!! Welcome to the forum!!
What a pretty girl, and doesn't she have the cutest nose! I like Cleo for a name.
You know, she actually came when I called her Cleo so Cleo it is. Although, she also came when I called her Miss Cleo. I wonder if she tells fortunes? :blink:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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