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My Dixie's Face...

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I love my Dixie... She is such a beautiful masked basset... but this morning when I went to the utility room to let them out... This is what I found:

Please excuse the nasty eye booger in Stone's eye!

I have no idea what happened... or what bit her or where the source of it is... After getting over the initial shock of it though I thought it was pretty hilarious. She looks like she wants to be a sharpei! She isn't in any pain and eats just fine... its like its not even phasing her... I thought you all might get a kick out of it too! ;)
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Is it possible that your Basset has an abcessed tooth. Ruby woke up one morning with the one side of her mouth totally swollen up. I am only assuming that is what the puffiness is in her face.
My Lily's face was suddenly swollen once. Once we took her to the emergency vet we came to find out that she had a stick lodged in the roof of her mouth that had gone undetected for a few days. Yuck! I would have it checked out.

You might want to keep a close on that. I agree about the tooth. I just dogsat one of Rusty & Stickers nephews who's eye suddened swelled and got very nasty looking. Turns out he had an abcessed tooth and had to be one anitbiotic pills and ointment for 2 weeks. It was very painful for him and his food has to be soft and mush just for his to eat and he needed to be feed through a syringe he was in so much pain :( Hope your girl is better!
Twice now Ruby has woken up in the am with her face swollen on one side. Both times she had to have teeth extracted. The last time the vet even took out one of her eye teeth. I haven't kept track but have spent mega dollars on her mouth. I had agreed with the foster mom when I adopted her that Ruby's teeth would need a lot of work. Yup.
My retriever Rudy swelled up like that once and he too had a stick in the roof of his mouth. It was lodged against a tooth and he ended up with a nasty infection. I looked in his mouth when I saw the swelling but couldn't see the stick where it was located. I think I would take her to be checked if it doesn't clear right up.
Well -- I'm frankly not 'getting a kick out of' this swelling -- she needs to be looked at, ASAP. This might be nothing, but it could very well be a serious systemic infection that will only get worse without antibiotics......
Have to be one more voice with those saying--get her to the vet. Pearl had the same look with one abscessed tooth. Other than the swollen face, she looked and acted fairly normal also.
Well I do appreciate everyones concern but not an hour after that photo was taken her swelling had gone down 50% and by the end of the day there were no signs whatsoever of her ever having been swollen to that degree. I checked her mouth and teeth and lips and everything else I could think of for a source. We have TONS of spiders in this house and it seems nothing will kill the little boogers so I can only assume it was just a spider bite that she reacted to. Like I said, it wasn't painful and She barked at squirrels and chased after brother right after that photo was taken. She even let me push all around on her swollen face without a whimper and she is the whimpiest dog you ever saw. If it had been serious or painful this picture would have never gone up. I would have been at the vet. I don't know why I feel like I'm having to defend myself here.

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone though. :lol:
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Little Ruby had something like that was an eye infection and she had rubbed her eye on the throw rug and it opened up and was close to being infected.

Hope the vet has answers and it's not too expensive to deal with.

Janice and little Ruby
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