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My Bassets can't believe it's not Butter!

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My Bassets just can't believe it's not Butter!

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Oh my gosh, that could be Opus with the custard cartons! Very funny.
Too funny! Your hounds are goofy and gorgeous!
What sweethearts they share so well :) My baby's tummy would not tolerate....uuuurp!
What sweethearts they share so well :) My baby's tummy would not tolerate....uuuurp!
They only got to lick out the empty tub but they like to get into the corners!

They have stolen full tubs from the worktop that have been found empty in their bed and they've not shown any symptoms... although I'd rather they hadn't eaten it! They've had several boxes of eggs... Lottie carefully 'lifts' them off the top as I caught her one day!

When I was making our Christmas cake last year I had left out two packets of Lurpak butter to reach room temperature and had gone upstairs and when I went downstairs, I could see the pair of them in the hall with a packet each that they had opened the proper end (not torn) and had each licked half of the butter away!!!

Instead of being angry, I actually laughed at them for having opened it up and not ripped the wrapper.... I often think my Bassets have been here before as they seem to be quite knowing at times!
Your girls are simply gorgeous! I love how they share!
Well how else is a hound supposed to keep her coat so shiny?
Ah, Lucy and Lottie! They share so nicely! Thanks posting the video. My Lucy licked out my husband's yogurt cup every day! Her favorite jar to lick was peanutbutter.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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