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Hi! My Basset Hound wrote a book I think you would thoroughly enjoy.
It is called “Deer Aint Peggy: Letters of Advice and Life’s Observations from a Fourteen-Year-Old Basset Hound”.
Welcome to the world of Sherlock P. Blanchard, Basset Hound.
This book contains a collection of 50 letters written by a Basset Hound to his human relatives and friends. Sherlock’s letters appeal to adults -- young and old -- and to teenagers.
From his perspective, everything makes perfect sense. From a human reader’s perspective, the letters are hilarious and endearing.
Sherlock suggests innovative solutions to humankind’s perplexities. He provides unusual observations of human and pet behavior. Sherlock reports on his misadventures around the house, in the neighborhood, on outings and trips, and at the veterinarians.
To order from, copy this link to your web browser:;x=17&y=20

Table of Contents:
How to Pick a Dog. 1
Bob Gits Stuck with the Short Straw. 5
Ford Fans: Four. Shivverlay Fans: One. 9
If You Ain’t Gonna Roll in It, You Prolly Don’t Want to Step in It. 15
Sherlock P. Blanchard, Computer Man. 17
Why Do They Call em Hamboogers?. 21
You Ain’t Gonna Believe whut Doctor Wilson Did with the Thermometer!. 25
If It iz Silent When You Say It, It Ought to be Invisible When You Rite It. 29
Ain’t Nobody Appreciates My Wee-Weein Nowhere. 33
How Bout them Mississippi State University Basset Hounds!. 37
Ah Just Sort uv Lost Track uv Time. 39
The Purtiest Song there Ever Was. 45
Doughnuts, Two fer a Nickel!. 47
Mah Sekert Socker Playin Tips. 49
Pore Old February. 51
Jan Won’t Let Me Cash in My “Good Boy” Credits. 53
They Iz Moar Then Won Waye Two Spel Enny Werd. 57
My Family History by Sherlock Perry Blanchard. 65
They Iz a Whole Lot uv Pineapple Trees in Miami. 69
It Don’t Matter Whether It Iz a Verb er a Adjective: Bitin Cats Iz Dangerous!. 73
Ah Been Thinkin About Growin a Mustache. 77
Ivory Hunters Wont Mah Ears. 81
Tips on Talkin to a College Man. 85
Itchy en Warm Beats Shiverry en Wet Ever Time. 89
Pushups en Other Thangs Ah Ain’t Gonna Do. 93
Lamar Griffin Done Got a Stethascope!. 97
Martha’s Rabbit iz a Russian Spy. 101
The Foreign Legion Ain’t Got No CoCola Machines. 105
I Lost a Shower Sandal Doin the Hula. 109
God Didn’t Name them Thangs Leaves fer Nothin. 113
If You Ain’t Never Smelt a Pulpwood Mill Then You are Gonna Have Trubble Findin My House. 119
It Iz Bad Luck to Open a Umbrella in a Canoe. 123
Don’t Git Under a Car You Ain’t Been Innerduced to. 127
Belgium Iz Just Like North Carolina, Except they Ain’t as Many Babtist Churches. 131
Juney Wicker’s Math Book Iz Givin Him Wrong Answers. 135
Git Along Little Doggie. 141
Belgium Ain’t in the U.S. It Ain’t Even in Texas. 143
Deer Sandy Claws: Ah Been uh Reel Good Boy this Year. 145
Sherlock P. Blanchard, Used Car Salesman. 147
When You Rupture a Disk They Don’t Feed You No Pole Beans. 151
Roses Iz Red, en Cypress Trees Iz Brown: A Valentine Poem. 155
They Operated On My Back, en Now It Looks Like the S Curve at Main en Magnolia. 157
Ah Done Took a Personality Disorder Test. 161
You Ain’t Gonna Believe what Doctor Wilson Chopped Off. 165
Bob’s On the Watchout fer Thirty-Six-Foot Long Alligators. 169
Bob Done Sold the Buick. 173
The Booger Man en Chester the Molester. 175
Sherlock’s Book uv Family World Records. 179
The Lawn Mower en the Spider. 185
How to Pick a College. 188

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It too sounded like my kind of book so I bought it.


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I got my book yesterday. I started reading and didn't find it at all hard to understand. I teach Kindergarten. Sherlock and my students talk/write just about the same.


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Hi Sherlock,

Ruby here; mommy and I are having so much fun reading your book. Mommy once said that I should write a book because I was born in Bassetchusetts then we moved to Jacksonville, FL and now the San Diego, CA area. Mommy and daddy have had all sorts of accents from where they've lived, but my voice has always been the same.

Have you ever stalked a fly? I used to do that all the time when I was a baby. I don't do that any more because I'm much too dignified.

(THE) Ruby
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