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My Basset Pup & Questions RE: the Spine

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Hi guys, new to the forum. I'm Tap and that's (^) my one year old Basset, Ziggy. I found Ziggy in a Target parking lot June of last year. He was incredibly weak and voracious, and I didn't have the heart to leave him there. Originally the plan was to nurse him back to health and then sell him, but he's made himself a permanent resident. Here he is the night I found him:

Anyways, I had a couple of questions and was hoping someone would be able to help me out. The vet believes Ziggy to be a full-bred Basset, but I've always thought him to be mixed, any well-trained eye's in here care to confirm? Secondly, I've noticed that as Ziggy's grown, he has a slight curve to his croup, and his spine protrudes slightly at the top so even though he's gained weight, several of his lumbar vertebrae are visible. I was hoping if someone could offer any advice as to whether this is indicative of future (or current) issues. Do all Basset's have similar protruding vertebrae?

I'll try an upload a few photos of Ziggy's croup later so y'all can get a visual. Thanks and Happy 4th of July!!
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Welcome to the forum and thank you for nursing this guy and, above all else, being willing to keep him forever in your home. I don't know anything conformation-wise about bassets. I know the very basics so I can't help you with the problems you specified. But I did want to say that he's a very handsome fella. I love your avatar picture the best. Again, welcome!

Thanks! Here's a full size one of the couch shot if you care to see:

He's a sleeper for sure haha.
Wworm, thanks for the info, I read up on the Artesian Normand, but their front legs are generally straight, Ziggys' are crooked. What do you mean by flat basseting?

Boomer's mom, he couldn't have been more than 4-5 weeks old. I was leaving a Target in San Antonio late at night, and he was underneath a minivan parked nearby. He had a horrible yeast infection, and he was ridiculously skinny. Turned out he was pretty tough so it wasn't hard get him back to health (took about 3 months for the Vet to finally give him an OK weight-wise, and only about 2 weeks for the yeast infection to disappear with ear drops and cleaning).

Bubbad, whoever it was definitely messed up. Ziggy's been a pain sometimes but I didn't know he was missing from my life till he was there.
He looks pretty full blood to me. Flat basset is when they lay so flat you think they have dislocated their hips.

Ah to think I called it crotch-to-ground.... how crude of me :p
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