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I am no expert to be sure, and their are really knowledgable members who will give you much better advice, but our Charlotte (who is also 10months) is a super picky eater too. She was under weight for a lot of her puppy months because she will only eat when she feels like it no matter what we offer her. She is at a good weight right now, almost 40lbs, and she is eating a little better but its still on her terms. We give her a beneful prepared meal every morning which she loves and keep her bowl filled with dry food all day. She also gets plenty of natural treats like yams wraped in duck or chicken...just be careful and read the label to make sure there isn't added sugar or something like that. She also gets a couple of teaspoons or natural peanut butter in her Kong ball. It was just trial and error for us trying to find stuff she will eat but as she got a little older it became easier.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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