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Yesterday, Wally and Sissy had their monthly appt. with their groomer. They get a bath, brushed with a furminator, nails clipped and anal gland addressed. They love to go see Bonnie and she charges each month $44.20 which is for both of them. At Christmas, she does it free for their Christmas present. They have went to her for 2 years now. It was too much for me to do at home. The reason is I made the mistake and clipped Wally's too short - blood everywhere. He gets upset with me if I touch his paws. When Bonnie cuts his nails, he rolls over on his back so she can rub his belly which she does after each nail. They love her. I mention Bonnie and they are howling standing at the door.
I would report the lady who did poorly so you are protecting the next dog she "attempts" to clip their nails.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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