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Murray's Harem

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I haven't posted about pet therapy for awhile, so thought I'd post about the event Murray attended yesterday.

The Veterans Administration Medical Center has an annual picnic for their resident patients, and this year they invited our pet therapy group to attend. We ended up with 5 teams: 2 golden retreivers, a spaniel, a shaggy dog mix, and Murray.

Murray enjoyed visiting with the WWII vets, but especially liked the group of dogs that showed up:

He was the only boy there! He had all those nice girl doggies to himself! Every time we met one of the ladies, he would collapse on the ground and roll over and wag his tail like crazy. They all shared treats and hung out together and had a great time visiting with the patients while we listened to the bluegrass band that came to entertain us.

It was a nice day for everyone, and Murray made some new friends, both 2 and 4 legged! :lol:
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Way to go Murray! Of course you were the hit of the day!


Janice and little Ruby
Fantastic Murray!!

I'm glad you had such a great day!! I know the people you visited appreciated your time very much!
Good job, Murray. I'll bet you were the hit of the day and very, very welcome!
I like the idea of having the dogs being available to visit with the Vets. I work for a VA hospital in Wichita and maybe I should find someone to tell them about this activity. It sure sounds like fun and it helps lift the spirits of those that have to stay at the facility day in and day out. I guess before I put the cart before the horse, I s'pose I should check out any pet therapy groups, or even contact the humane society here in Wichita first (they are a very community minded organization). Thank you and Murray for sharing your day with the vets, and for sharing this with us.

Slave to Abby
Newton, KS

I googled "pet therapy Wichita Kansas" and came up with this link- there is an e-mail address for Debra Sellers who may be able to help your hospital find an active pet therapy group in your area-

You can also try googling Delta Society and Therapy Dogs International to get the name of a local contact person from those national organizations- I bet there are certified teams in Wichita who would love to make visits to the V.A.-

Good luck, and let us know how it goes! :)
Hi Marie....I am from Haven Ks., and the Hutchinson Kennel Club, and probably the Wichita Kennel Club schedule visits just like these. I have 2 mastiffs that are therapy dogs, and my husband and I take them to Wichita area schools. Our groups go to the Nursing Home in McPherson and many other activities....we are very busy....sometimes I put in 10 ours a week with just one of my mastiffs....I'm hoping I can get Fred registered when he is old enough.

Ever thought about coming to Hutch and testing for it?? We register our dogs through Therapy Dogs Incorporated....It is a little more involved than TDI...

Their website

Let me know!! I'd love to meet you!!
Way to go Muray!! What an awesome thing you and your Mom do for the Vets of our country. Keep up the wonderful work.
Thanks to Havensbane and Murrysmom for the information. I haven't had a chance to find out who the director for the activities for the long term care patients is yet, but I did tell some fellow workers about Murray's story and I wanted to know what their thoughts were. They loved the idea. Now hopefully, things won't be too hectic tomorrow at work so I can do some snooping to find out who the hospital contact would be. Again, many thanks and I will keep you posted.
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