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Murray the Model!

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Yesterday morning I received an e-mail from a dog artist in North Carolina-Hilda Spain Owen- she found this image of Murray on my colleagues's web site here at the college, and contacted me asking if she can use this photo for a painting . She is doing a 'hound show'in May in Winston Salem and needs an image of a basset to represent that breed. I said sure, and am flattered that she wants to use this image for a painting. Just wish I could afford to purchase the painting, but after looking at her website and prices, I don't think that will happen. When the painting is done, I will post it-
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He's a lovely boy and he SHOULD be painted! Have you told him he's a star?
Wow!! A model in the group! That's very exciting news. Can't wait to see pictures of the painting. Murray is a very handsome guy.

Aroooos form Bogie!!
You don't own a Basset, a Basset owns you!!
That's really cool, can't wait to see the painting.
I think because it is your dog, she should GIVE you a painting. (or at least a lovely print of it. :)

I think Murray is a Super Model. He is beautiful. Congradulations!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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