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Every year our pet therapy group heads up our community Christmas parade-we are the first group in line,and the only group with animals, so everyone looks forward to seeing us. This year we had 12 dog/handler teams marching behind our therapy organization banner, with a student dressed as our mascot, and a couple of folks who made floats for their dogs on wagons.

This is a fairly long parade- lots of local school bands, floats, and groups like Girl Scouts, etc. with Santa in the rear in a gorgeous red sleigh pulled by a white horse- everyone in town comes out for this event and cheers as the parade marches up the main street to the town square.

Well, this year, we got about 1/2 way through the route, and Murray stopped- put his head down, planted his feet, and wouldn't budge. I thought he was having a problem with his leg so tried to pull him out of line- he didn't want to move. He's 65 pounds so I couldn't lift him, and by the time I coaxed and pushed and pulled him out of line, groups were stopped and backing up behind us- people were laughing but I was really embarrassed-

It turned out his leg wasn't bothering him at all- it was a poop emergency- as soon as I got him out of line and onto the grass, he pooped his brains out, then wanted to go back in to the parade- it was too late to re-join our group, so we stood and watched, and then walked home.

Next year I might make a wagon float for him.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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