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I was in a nursing home for a post-op recovery last year and the facility actually encouraged well-behaved, housebroken pets to come visit, which Flash did. I was absolutely amazed at how Flash's presence 're-animated' some of the Alzheimer's and other patients! An example:

Flash is naturally friendly and always greeted everyone he encountered in his walks down the hall whenever he came to visit. One day as we were wheeling ourselves down the corridor to go outside, Flash stopped to visit with an extremely elderly lady in her wheelchair; he put his feet on the chair's arm and nudged her with his nose. She reached out to pet him and asked, "What's his name?". I told her and she replied, "He's so nice" and continued stroking his head and ears. Just then, I noticed the dead silence at the nurses' station and saw all the nurses and aides staring at Flash and the woman. One of the aides came over to me, bent down and whispered in my ear, "Oh my God! She hasn't said a word in over 6 months!" .

Never underestimate the power of a basset person's unconditional love, y'all!

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