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Murray is Not Doing Well Right Now

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This has been my schedule (barring Christmas and New years holidays) for the past 2 weeks: I get up, get dressed, put Murray's leash on, and drive him over to the vet's office around 7:30 am before the clinic opens. I talk to the staff (I'm starting to feel like one of them by now), then someone comes and weighs Murray and takes him into the clinic where they do stuff to him: take bood, do ultasounds (he's had 2), take xrays, etc. Then they bring him back to me. I give them $200 or $400 depending on what's going on, and then take him home, give him his medicine, feed him, and get to work late (my boss has been really nice about this).

Monday's blood work showed his liver enzymes still spiking, close to 9 times what they were three weeks ago, and his weight is still down despite extra meals. So the vet wants to biopsy his liver. I'm not inclined to do this right now because this would be major surgery and Murray is almost 9 with a history of allergic reactions to drugs; rather, I want to keep him on Denamarin to support his liver function and monitor him for another 10 days until he finishes his antibiotics. I guess we'll have to do the biopsy if he continues to go down.

Thursday, they started treating him for Leptospirosis even though the test results won't be back until Monday. I'm hoping this is what it is, because it's treatable with antibiotics.

I'm really worried about my boy. Please keep him in your thoughts.
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I'm sorry that Murray hasn't been well, and hope that things start to turn around for him soon. Sending thoughts and drool!
Awww poor Murray... I hope all goes well for him!
Get well, Murray! Molly and I send our love and well-wishes :)
I hope that the antibiotics work for Murray. I know how worried you are about him. You are both in my thoughts and Yogi and I are sending lots of drool for him.
Dear Murray's Mum and Murray. You are both doing it tough. Must be extremely worrying to not know what the problem so you can then decide best course of action to take. Sounds like the vet is on the game. Best wishes for some positive news soon and and hopefully a positive outcome. Thinking of you both. Hang in there :)
Thinking of you and Murray and hoping for the best.
Prayers for Murray. Thank U for being such a great Basset parent by getting the proper medication and help for Murray. Keep us posted. God Bless.
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