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Well Bogie isnt a pet therapy dog or anything, but he usually plays well with every dog we meet (with the exception of his breedism against huskies and boxers who pester him). I'm not sure Bogie had ever seen a great dane before I brought him over to a friends house who has a great dane puppy that is 140lb and still growing. I think Bogie was just intimidated by the sheer size of the dog, and wanted to establish his dominance before the other dog had a chance too. Unlike your story however the dane wanted to play, and kept approaching Bogie and trying to swat at him. And thats a pretty heavy hand to come swatting at a little basset hound.

I doubt my similar story was of much help...

Dogs seem pretty sensitive at they way you or each other look at each other, so even if the dane mix wasn't invading Murray's space or anything, he could have been giving him "the look", which set Murray off. Also, I've noticed that all dogs seem a little edgier at the vets office, no matter how well trained they are. Once a dog was in my vets office while the owner filled out paper work, the dog wasn't even going to see the vet or anything, and he was just not comfortable. If this was really the first time, I don't think I'd rush to guess it's a thyroid condition or anything serious. I would certainly keep a very close eye on his behavior and be a bit more cautious with free leash space around other (especially large) dogs, all the while hoping it was a one time thing.

Good luck!
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