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Murray and sweetgum balls

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Here is Murray helping with yard work-watching us rake sweetgum balls yesterday!

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I've never heard of a basset helping with yard work. :) If I up rake piles in the yard, they run through them.
yehhh....sadie likes to eat those sweetgum balls...or i should say she trys......we live in southeaster, pa.
That's a terrific picture, he's such a pretty dog!

Dogs help with yard work, sure, mine digs holes--never where I *want* the holes, but she'd dig to China if I let her. :D
Adorable basset! Maggie loves to sunbathe when we are doing yard work. If you get close to her with a rake or blower she gives you a look that would kill.
I really like his picture. That is suitable for framing! yvonne
How right you are Yvonne. That is a gorgeous picture.

Susan and Wilson
fantastic picture what a joy to have basset help Menna loves to help with everything
What the heck is a sweetgum ball, pray tell???

Is it a southern expression? just curious. :)

Sandy, I think its those little round spikey things on the ground next to Murray. Don't have those trees here in Michigan, at least that I know of.

Janet 'n Twinkie
Yep, it's those spikey things. A neighbor has one of those trees. They are pretty trees, but make a horrible mess when they drop those balls, and kind of hard to walk on!
Sweetgum balls are the 11th biblical plague. In March when they fall by the thousands, they adhere to the grass like velcro. They are almost impossible to rake. They are hard and spikey and if you leave one or two the grass will grow around them and you will find them when you are walking barefoot in the summer.Guaranteed.
Murray looks 'Majestic' in that picture. I thought sweetgum balls were some kind of 'bubblegum', thought maybe you lived near a school.
Murraysmom, they aren't nearly as bad as the cottonwood "fluff" that hits every spring.

What a beautiful Hound!
'round these parts, we call 'em "monkeyballs"
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