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So sorry we havent posted in a while. So much has happened in the past couple of months. First the car accident, then having the cast on my arm for five weeks, and then i changed jobs! Whew!

But Murphy is a happy houndie because he has his mommy back. Now that i got a job closer to home, I no longer stay up with family during the week.

Murphy went on vacation with his grammy and grampy 2 weeks ago to Chincoteague, Virginia for the Annual Pony Swim where he was very popular. Unfortunatley, while he was there, he started showing signs of pano. So when he came back we took him to the vet who confirmed that Murphy has pano in both front legs.

So, he'll be on prednisone and an antibiotic for another week, and we've started him on Glucosamine and Condroitin with MSM which he will stay on as a maintenance. I've been having trouble finding the 500mg capsules of Fish Oil (which compliments the MSM in the Glucos.) But I was able to find some online.

Much to my surprise, Murphy just eats all his meds straight, as if they were treats! He even drools for the big Glucosamine tablets :lol:

He's now 47lbs and as cute as ever. I hope to have some pics up soon.

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Sounds like a lot of "stuff" going on at your house!

Ruby takes pills real well. I just tell her to "open" and her mouth just opens and I throw the pills down her throat! Of course she'll get a treat afterwards; usually a mini carrot which she loves.

She's been on pills for most of her life so it's a treat for her. As a matter of fact, if I say, "Ruby, do you want your pills?", she'll come running into the kitchen.

As for her running....I've taken her off the rimidyl and will tell the vet next week when I bring her in for a check-up. I noticed a bunch of red scabs on her belly where she cannot reach and read that redness, itching and scabbing can be an allergic reaction. Of course she's limping more but she's still on her daily glucosime/condritin as she's been on for a couple of years.
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